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Example Agile burn down chart showing indicating software development problems

Solving Your Problems with Agile Software Development

If you believe that using an Agile development process will solve your development issues, think again, all processes — including Agile — exhibit problems when they are not well defined, repeatable and measurable.
obscure saas app specification

Avoiding Cloud Obscurity Helps You Build Better Products

Obscurity is something you want to avoid at all costs when it comes to product definition. It will simply kill your project regardless if you’re a well funded startup or just trying to bootstrap one. I was reminded of
Software Development Goals are Specific and Measurable

Forget 2013 Resolutions and Focus on Your Software Development Goals

The first of the year everyone comes out with forecasts and resolutions which are promptly forgotten or broken within a week or so. However, the first show of the year on Dave Ramsey, the nationally syndicated personal
There is a high correlation between risk and schedule pressure.

Best Way to Manage Project Risk in Software Development

Throw out your GANTT chart and start focusing on being a resource provider to manage software development risks.